“That day on Scaffel Pike will always haunt me. We hiked for several hour’s the weather rapidly turned. With poor visibility and heavens gates fully opening, we tried to carry on. Then the unimaginable happened, we were lost and bewildered, so turned back, Nooo!!. To this day, I still don’t know what those two crates were used for.

2020 is a year we won’t forget in a hurry. We’ve all had to adapt to so many changes. Some good and some not so good. Cycling has been very popular with most people and for a few of us, the “Great Outdoors”.

With lockdown and its rules and regulations, let me guide you to a few walks around the Peaks.

Loving the outdoors and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. Derbyshire and the Peak District, is covered in natural beauty and is easily accessible from most parts of the UK. The Lake District, further north is absolutely beautiful but slightly colder so wrap up a little more.

I hope you enjoy these walks as much as I have been doing. Whenever I get chance to explore I will add more content to my blog.

Very importantly, I do have to point out, my guides with photos are from my own experiences and as mentioned in one of the walks, as the seasons change so does nature. Everything grows, so please becareful when your out there.

I enjoy walks, treks, hikes or whatever name you prefer calling them. I am not a professional just a lover of the outdoors.

The Internet and Mr Google is full of guides and walks similar to mine and for extra precautions you could use more than one.

Enjoy, stay safe and let’s get you to “walk in my boots” 😉.