Carsington & Brassington     circular via Miners Arms

Duration : 3.5 Hours 5.5 miles Level : Meduim  Footwear : Lighweight Sturdy

Circular walks should be quite easy to follow,  because its a kind of circle. Meaning you end up at the same spot.

My walks, whether circular, rectangular, square, always feel like a hexagon. Up and down, left and right. Im hoping my guides with photos make it easier for you. I follow routes myself when I’m planning anything for my blog.  I sometimes wish, what I follow had photos to help me.

Ok lets get back to this walk, I’ve added the “Miner’s Arms Brassington” to the title for a reason, more on this later.


Park at the Sheepwash car park ( DE4 4DD) by Carsington Water. There are also lots of water activities available around this lake. Ideal summer fun with the kids.

1. Once parked your heading  northwards, so just turn and face the other way. The reservoir should be on your right.  Look for the first sign post and head towards Carsington.

The path is winding and gets a little busy with cyclists aswell as walkers. A few hundred yards you come to our second sign post on the left. Sign posted,  Carsington and Miners Arms ( Carsington ). Go through the gate and straight over the road. 

Carefully across, you continue onto the path, passing Wash Farm on the right. Head downwards, towards the Miners Arms Carsington. Take a left from here and up towards the junction.

“Straight over from here”

2. At the junction head straight over passing several cottages. Beyond a gate, the path becomes greener and you are  beneath the slopes of Carsington Pasture.

3. Continue upwards and on your left you pass a beautiful farm cottage and a field. As you pass the cottage, you go a little further ahead and come across a gate. Go through the gate and immediately right.

Walk a little further and you come across a water tub-bath- hole, I don’t know what they call them. I’m calling it a bath. So enjoy with a nice book.

“Enjoy a quick soak”

Ok all washed and clean, stay on the left continue climbing the grassy slopes to the west until you come across another green track. Passing the remains of a gap stile, then by a old stone gatepost in the next tumbledown wall before descending into the little valley.

4. Go over two stiles to cross a green lane, then follow a miners track for 200yds heading towards some old mine works. A footpath sign directs you around some limestone outcrops before arcing right towards Brassington.

Turn right at the wall stile and follow the waymarked route across the fields into the village.

5. Turn left, then immediately right up Miners Hill. STOP ✋. If your hungry or thirsty I highly recommend, the Miners Arms.


Now to explain the reason why I put this pub in the title. Two words, “absolutely delicious”. The salad was very tasty and the vegan burger was the best meatless burger I have ever tasted. Delicious and highly recommended.

Ok, fed and watered take a right turn onto Jasper’s Lane, left up Red Lion and left again along Hillside Lane. Few hundred yards ahead on your right, leave the lane for a footpath. This passes more limestone outcrops. The faint lane veers right and passes the head of a green lane.

6. Climb right over the pathless wall stile. Through the next three fields the path becomes to the right, parallel to a line of wooden electricity pylons.

In the fourth field, bear right above the rock outcrops and go through the top gate. Now aim for the buildings of Longcliffe Dale Farm. After going over the next stile turn left up the road, passing the farm.

A footpath on the right then cuts a corner to the High Peak Trail, passing a electricity station and Peak Quarry Farm. Follow the track across three fields to a path junction.

Turn right through a gate along the Limestone Way. At a gate turn left through a gap stile and continue on the Limestone Way until it intersects with the High Peak Trail.

I don’t know if it was that fabulous lunch at the Miners Arms, but every gap in the wall felt like a tight squeeze. 😒

7. Anyway, back to the trail. From here turn right and your passing Harbourgh Rocks. A lot of history here and used by the bouldering and climbing enthusiastics.

8. Passing the rocks on your left, walk a few hundred yards. On your right you come to a sign post to Carsington. This descends down a small field to cross Manystones Lane.

One of many wind turbines, in this area.

Follow the wall across Carsington Pasture, then descend by Woods to a gate by a cottage.

9. “Are we there yet”, yes almost. Turn left down a little ginnel leading to the road and left again to retrace your earlier route back to Sheepwash car park. You will pass the bath tub mentioned earlier, perhaps a well deserved dip, maybe not.

Stay safe, ” keep calm and keep moving”.

Walked 13th September 2020

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