4:15 to Sveti

“I’m hoping it was only for religious purposes and not a burial site”.

Duration : 4 Hours Difficulty : Meduim Footwear : Lightweight sturdy grip.

The title reminded me of the cowboy film from 2007, “3:10 to Yuma”. I don’t recall ever watching the movie, but I thought it was a catchy title.

So, what is Sveti and how far is it beyond the UK. Sveti Llija Mountain is in Orebic, Croatia. At 961m above sea level its up there with the likes of Scaffel Pike in the Lakes.

Referring back to the title, 4:15 is the early morning wake up time. Those of you who have been to Croatia, will know in the summer, temperatures reach pass the 30s and it gets very hot after 830am.

We were up and packed, 2 litres of water each for myself and wifey. Along with light snacks which replaced breakfast. I believe a single 1.5L bottle each would have been enough. You save on carrying extra weight.

We set off from our apartment in Prapratno ( gorgeous ) at around 515am. The drive to Orebic was around 1hr 30mins. This was my second time driving on the opposite side of the road. The first was a brief drive in the Czech Republic.

Our start point was located a short walk from the car park near the church in Orebic. I believe there are two other routes. Just Google your choice and a quick pray might help, “amen”.

The start point seemed busy, but soon after people spread out into couples or small groups.

The climb up started around 645am, it was getting hot. I was a little conscious about the sun reaching us before we reached the summit.

The way up was steep with beautiful views across the sea and into the next village. The whole path is well marked with red lettering and dots.

At around 730am most of the path is well shaded from the morning heat. As your walking up, becareful of loose stones and make sure you take rest and drink lots of water. I had 2 quick coffees before we set off. Think that kept me from falling asleep.

“Half way relaxing point”
“Steep and rocky, so becareful”

After almost 2 hours we reached the summit and the 360 views were amazing.

“Summit, hope its not our time yet”

We didn’t spend too much time at the top, it was getting very hot and a little crowded. There seemed to be a group of walkers from Czech Republic, who asked me to take a photo. Which I’ll share on here . I love black and white photo’s and this very large family seemed happy with it.

Photo’s done, snacks eaten, it was time to head down and beat the morning heat. We chose the same route down and were a little more careful about the loose stones.

It was almost to the half way point when I came across these two beauties. Mamma and faul.

“I’m not sure if they were wild”

Beautiful animals, it was a really nice treat. I didn’t see any markings, so not 100% whether they belonged to someone or were free spirits.

The way down took a little less than the way up, but who’s counting. Either way the knees were slightly sore, I think that was mostly due to over indulging in the Croatian cuisine and filling my belly, adding more weight on my knees.

“Way down, we were briefly joined by a nice chap called Martin”

Martin, I think was his name. Nice chap, he walked down very fast and seemed like a very active person. Had a pro camera in his hand so I presumed he was a keen pro/amateur photographer.

The end was close and was a relief in one way, due to the heat and slightly sore knees. This hasn’t been an easy hike but a absolute joy.

The views are absolutely amazing and bumping into mamma horse was a bonus.

On the way back to the car Park or on the way to the start point, you have a grape field on your right. I’m sure a cheeky handful wouldn’t be missed.

Enjoy this hike and keep safe. Water, suncream, hat, sunglasses and perhaps you too will catch the “4:15 to Sveti”.

Stay safe 😉

” Take your Thyme ”

Hiked 10th August 2020

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